Parenting can be hard.

  Sleep doesn't have to be.

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Ideal for:

  • If you're a tired parent craving a tailored sleep plan that meets you where you are now and outlines a step-by-step path to achieve your goals in a realistic timeframe—whether that's a few days or 1 to 2 months, accounting for both your child's and your unique needs—rest assured, I've got you covered!   
  • Specializing in traditional sleep training and intuitive approaches for highly sensitive kids, parents, and Empaths
  • Kids of all ages (birth to preschool)

What's Included: 

  • UPTO 60-MINUTE ZOOM RECORDED SOLUTION SESSION to have your questions answered as we explore your sleep concerns, offering detailed solutions and simple action steps to remedy them. 
  • ​DIGITAL SLEEP TRACKER to help you track your progress without relying on your current tired memory
  • BONUS: SLEEP GPS (Get Perfect Sleep) E-GUIDE - your guide to troubleshooting guaranteed upcoming regressions, and common children topics for the next 3 years (teething, separation anxiety, etc.).    

What to expect:

  • when you are done with the session, you will have a simple, step-by-step plan to move forward. But if you feel you need additional implementation support, as this can be an emotional parenting journey, we can discuss additional options after your session.  



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