Leslie Beemer

Carolina Romanyuk has been an amazing coach and mentor in helping me successfully establish my sleep business. She has taught me how to improve my communication with clients that has led to quick closes. Her years of experience working with sleep clients and methodologies that have evolved are priceless. With her guidance I can adapt everything she does with her clear and confident wording for my own business.
Her grace and approach in sharing her expertise on how to run a business helps me be the boss I want to be, as well. She sees exactly the areas I need improvement in and uses words that lift and move you forward. Her questions and approaches are bold and courageous but, with kindness. You will benefit from her new program the Sleep Trifecta System. It really works!!

Michelle Varvara

Carolina is the sleeping boss!!! Prior to consulting, my daughter slept in our bed and needed to be held in our bed between 4 and 6 am to sleep. Carolina got her into the crib has taught me how to get her to self soothe and like her crib. I was also pregnant with a baby boy at the time.
Carolina taught my husband and I skills we implemented with our newborn son who is a great sleeper because we followed tips from Carolina. All we do is put him into the crib for naps and nighttime without rocking or a binky and he self soothes. Although my older daughter still has trouble during periods, Carolina always me and gives advice. You will love her!!!!! Thanks Carolina your the sleep boss.

Casey Suyunova

Initially I was like no way is this going to work with my daughter, but I was at a point where I needed to try or I was going to lose my mind. My issue was that my baby wouldn't fall asleep without me getting into MY bed with her and putting her to sleep for 1-2 hours every single night! Her naps were short and random, we had no schedule, I never knew when her bed time would be that day. I have two other kid EDIT he so it was getting very frustrating for everyone not being on somewhat of a After ONE CALL with Carolina, my baby was sleeping 10-12 hours through the night in her own crib in her own room. She helped me put her on a schedule right away. I was so hesitant but I'm so happy that it worked, sleep is priceless!! My only regret is waiting until my baby w 11 months old. I wish I did it sooner Thank you Carolina, you're like the sleep angel.
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If you've found your way here,

  • it's probably because someone you trust gave you a gentle nudge 
  • or you stumbled upon my sleep-saving content 
  • or perhaps even through the classic Google search for 'sleep consultants in my area.'

Now, who's Carolina?


I'm not just your average sleep consultant. Since 2012, I've achieved dual certifications in Family Sleep Consulting, making me a Board-Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Lactation Educator, and Parent Communication Coach. I also received a Bachelor's degree in Finance and worked in Corporate America for 10 years before opening my Private Sleep Coaching Practice. 

Additionally, I'm a 2-time author, a speaker, and a mentor since 2014, sharing wisdom and a compassionate approach to help parents overcome inevitable roadblocks.
Help my family please!

Imagine working one-on-one,

 where you're not just another client; you're heard, and you get a step-by-step plan tailored just for you.
No more navigating the sleep training maze.
As a mom who's weathered the sleep-deprived chaos with my two energetic boys, I get it – the endless nights, the reliance on caffeine, and the ninja moves to avoid squeaky toys in the dark.

Here's my philosophy

 As an empath and while mastering combining traditional and holistic sleep modalities, I've used my unique abilities to create the Sleep Trifecta System – a mix of science, psychology, ancient wisdom, and intuition. This makes the parenting journey simple and manageable, ensuring you navigate it confidently.

I'm here to make parenting life smoother


For both you and your little one.
I'm not here to complicate things...
Let's bid farewell to those sleepless nights together and navigate the parenting chaos for bliss.
I'm Carolina, your go-to for practical and holistic sleep solutions! 🌙✨
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The secret to more sleep...

Welcome to a nurturing journey with my fresh approach to better sleep, designed for parents like you. Let's dive into Sleep Foundation 101—a friendly exploration into the science of sleep and effective solutions to get your child sleeping through the night.

Now, let's tackle those parental roadblocks together. This guide navigates potential hurdles and emphasizes connecting with your child on a deeper level. Recognize that their sleep struggles may reflect your emotional state. By understanding this connection, you can develop proactive and compassionate solutions, fostering a supportive and emotionally healthy family environment.

As sleep training gains popularity, many parents find themselves on an emotional roller coaster. My approach ensures a supportive environment, guiding you through each step and phase. Bid farewell to praying for better nights and embrace understanding and adjustment.

Now, onto what clients call "the magic"—habit stacking. Habit stacking is understanding how habits work, using practical psychology, and breaking things down into phases to decrease overwhelm. Address your questions and concerns with compassion, creating a serene environment for both parent and child to thrive. Imagine a scenario where all these elements converge—Sleep Foundation 101, addressing parental roadblocks, and the magic of habit stacking. It's a holistic approach that transforms sleep training into a calm and empowering experience.

Join me on this heartfelt journey. Embrace changes, navigate emotions, and usher in restful nights for both you and your child. This is more than sleep training; it's a warm invitation to family well-being. Let's explore the possibilities and redefine your family's sleep experience together.

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