Private Virtual Consultation + Virtual Bedtime Support

Ideal for:

  • Parents who need support during bedtime¬†to ensure a smooth start on the first night.
  • Families seeking guidance to make real-time adjustments based on their baby's / toddler's response.¬†
  • Specializing in¬†blending traditional sleep training and intuitive approaches for highly sensitive kids, special needs, and empaths.
  • Kids of all ages¬†(birth to preschool)

What's Included: 

  • COMPREHENSIVE SLEEP EVALUATION:¬†Complete an Intake Form that provides key information about your child's sleep routine, your parenting style, and specific goals.
  • ¬†PRIVATE SLEEP CONSULTATION:¬†During our virtual one-hour call, we'll address your sleep concerns, create an age-appropriate schedule for naps, nighttime sleep, and feedings, and set up your child's room for sleep success. We'll discuss individual sleep challenges, review and select sleep coaching methods that fit your family's needs, and develop a personalized Sleep Trifecta sleep plan. The session will be recorded for your reference.¬†
  • ‚ÄčDIGITAL SLEEP TRACKER:¬†This handy tool helps you track your progress without relying on your current tired memory‚ÄĒbecause let's face it, when we're sleep-deprived, our brains turn to mashed potatoes. Plus, it gives your sleep consultant concrete data to provide the best advice.
  • SLEEP TRIFECTA SLEEP PLAN:¬†A tailored, easy-to-follow actionable steps plan that includes actionable steps, sample schedules, and FAQs to ensure your child learns healthy sleep habits.¬†

    Enjoy 4 weeks of continuous, private support to improve your child’s sleep. Our program includes:

    • 4 weeks of continuous support:¬†
      • 6 or more check-in phone calls to celebrate progress and address any questions
      • Unlimited text¬† support during the 4 weeks
    • Text message support at bedtime on Night 1 of the sleep program
  • GRADUATION CALL:¬†Prepare for upcoming sleep transitions with confidence during a graduation call, so you feel equipped to handle any future changes in your child's sleep routine and will receive the exclusive bonus guide:¬†SLEEP GPS (Get Perfect Sleep) E-GUIDE -¬†your guide to troubleshooting guaranteed upcoming regressions, and common children topics for the next 3 years (teething, separation anxiety, etc.).¬† ¬†¬†¬†

What to expect:

  • At the end of your consultation,¬†you will gain a deep understanding of both your child and yourself, evolving into the calm, centered parent you've always aspired to be, with newfound clarity. You will also be equipped to navigate the journey of sleep training, learning to recognize your triggers and manage them without projecting negativity onto your child. This journey is crucial because children mimic their parents' emotions, and by maintaining calm, confidence, and compassion, you will create a positive environment for both yourself and your child.

Sleep Investment:

   Junior Sleep Consultant $575

I'm all in with Junior Sleep Trifecta Consultant

Sleep Investment:

 Master Sleep Consultant $875

I'm all In with Master Sleep Trifecta Consultant

Sleep Investment:

Work Directly with Carolina $1,275

I'm all In with working with Carolina $1,275
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