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Welcome to the

Sleep Trifecta System

For Sleep Training And Pediatric Professionals. 
Where Sleep Training Is Re-Designed.
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You Want To Be An Expert In Both Methodologies Of Traditional And Holistic.


Have you had an influx of highly sensitive parents and you don’t know how to help them? Or would you like to learn how to guide and support highly sensitive parents?


And you want a teacher that has been through it and has mastered this process on every level: personally, educationally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.
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I think we can agree that our clients need our confident calming presence and expertise to get healthy sleep.
If you’re reading this… you’ve experienced a tired parent:
  • That is not interested in only traditional sleep training but yet wants a sleeping baby
  • Understands change is a journey and seeking gentle guidance, yet their unresolved insecurities hinder full support from you, causing uncertainty in you on how to avoid upsetting them while doing your job.
And you want to….
  • Master how to marry gentle-intuitive approaches and traditional sleep training modalities
  • Learn the language on how to navigate  parent's roadblocks of insecurity so they feel heard and you can fully support them while solving their case
  • Learn healthy and professional boundaries so your heart, soul, and wallet are happy - not just your clients :-)
Meet Your Instructor:

Carolina Romanyuk

STS Founder, Author, Dual Certified Sleep Consultant, and Mentor
Introducing Carolina, a renowned pediatric sleep consultant known for her unique blend of traditional and gentle approaches. Her expertise extends beyond sleep as she guides families in creating their own traditions and implementing generational wisdom. With an enchanting personality and profound knowledge, Carolina has inspired countless families worldwide to achieve harmonious homes through the gift of better sleep.


As a dual-certified sleep consultant and Board Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Carolina offers practical, evidence-based solutions that have proven transformative, drawing from her personal journey of healing from severe Post-Partum Anxiety.


What truly sets Carolina apart is her holistic approach to better sleep for the whole family. 
Carolina offers practical, evidence-based solutions that have proven to be nothing short of transformative. Delivering it in an empathic way. Her teachings encompass essential elements such as sleep hygiene, routines, nutrition, practical psychology, and behavior. Empowering parents with the knowledge and tools they need to overcome their own roadblocks so they can guide their children toward restful and peaceful nights.
Through Carolina's guidance, families are able to cultivate homes that are both happy and healthy. Carolina's expertise is highly sought after, as she has become a beacon of hope for parents in search of a calm and serene home through the power of better sleep. As well as mentoring childcare professionals that want to master this new skill. 


With her impressive growing certifications since 2014, Carolina's wisdom is unparalleled. This is why she is sought out to work with hospitals and pre-schools to spread her positive message.


She possesses a rare talent for demystifying complex concepts, breaking them down into simple, actionable steps that anyone can implement immediately. While being delivered in an entertaining format. 
Her revolutionary system, known as Sleep Trifecta System, marries conventional and intuitive methods which families flock to.
Carolina'sjourney began as a mother facing sleep training challenges in 2010 while working in Corporate America. This led her to develop successful methods that earned her the nickname "Carolina, The Sleep Boss."


With a decade of experience, certifications, and recognition as a top pediatric sleep consultant in NYC, Carolina continues to expand her reach through mentoring, 1 on 1 clients, hosting a podcast:  "Tired By Twilight" and writing her Children’s Book Series - starring Melanie Melatonin and Cory Cortisol.  But nothing can compare to her ultimate goal of creating Sleep Trifecta Educators - like you. To spread this positive knowledge. 


Now, with thousands of successful sleep cases, Carolina understands the unique challenges faced by sleep consultants in navigating the delicate balance between traditional sleep training and holistic approaches.
She knows firsthand what it's like to experience imposter syndrome when trying to help these kinds of families. When you were taught one way - traditional OR Gentle approaches ( depending on your schooling).  All resulting in her working tirelessly to develop a system that combines the best of both worlds. Her goal is to empower sleep consultants like you to become great in their careers. By offering comprehensive and practical knowledge and a skillset that surpasses traditional methods.
Whether you're newly certified or seeking a breakthrough in your career, investing in Carolina's knowledge and guidance will take you to the next level. Join her in becoming a great sleep consultant and make a difference in the lives of tired parents and their little ones.
Parenting can be hard, but sleep doesn't have to be. Let's build a kinder world, together for the next generation. Which all starts with planting the seed for healthy sleep. 
Become a great sleep consultant.

Why Is This Program Different?

What does the
Sleep Trifecta System involve?

Sleep Trifecta System is a self-paced online experience focusing on mastering working with tired parents that are highly anxious and overwhelmed with the sleep training process.
They (and you) want a different approach from traditional sleep training. Combining intuition, science, parent coaching, neuroscience, and behavioral understanding. Yet, they and you are still trying to find the answer. And now you have it.
The true secret that I have been cultivating since 2014. That benefits kids from 6 months - 5 years old.
I’ll be revealing secrets that I have personally invested over $50,000 to learn from world-class leaders in child development, behavior, certifications programs, private mentoring, my own inner healing to then heal others, and so much more.
It’s time to pass the knowledge baton, And that time is yours.!!!
Welcome to the Sleep Trifecta System, where traditional sleep training is re-designed.
If you’re an NCS, Doula, Nanny, Sleep Consultant, or pediatric professional, and are constantly drained, overstretched and lack clarity on how to work with highly anxious parents that are overwhelmed by the traditional sleep training process — it’s not your fault.
You want to help them. Deep down you know there is another way, a more intuitive way which brings you here.
In this program, you'll get a no-fail-proof and flexible system that shows you step-by-step on how to help solve sensitive cases with confidence and clarity.
Also, get access to my sleep consulting vault filled with scripts and success sheets that were taught by the top leaders in their industry in parenting psychology, marketing, attachment theory, life strategy and the science of sleep.
All bundled up cozy with a ribbon waiting for you to finally unravel them and learn their secrets.
Think of it as Carolina's Private Collection. You’ll learn how to connect with your clients from the heart and cut through the noise, giving you the power to master your craft by being responsive to anxious parents.
You also learn Carolina's signature 21-day process in how she walks a client through the sleep training journey.
I know time is of the essence and trust me on this, everything you have here is not 'extra'. It's literally EVERYTHING Carolina uses in her private practice and in her life.
(Count me in)

Carolina's Goal

My goal is to spread this knowledge on how to combine traditional and holistic approaches in a simple and effective way so tired parents have a true choice. And you are my chosen Sleep Trifecta Educator.  Let's build a kinder world, together for the next generation. Which all starts with healthy sleep. 

Course Outline

  • 21-Day Breakdown Process
  • A common mistake in marketing for parents for gentle sleep

  • SLEEP CYCLES - helps parents to understand why their child wakes up in the middle of the night and have constant short naps 

  • Nap Cycles
  • Night Cycles
SLEEP TRIFECTA PART 1: Sleep Foundation 101
  • Sleep Nutrition
  • Sleep Schedules
  • Perfect Sleep Environment
  • New Routine + Positive Sleep Talk
SLEEP TRIFECTA PART 2: Parent's Roadblock


  • When a parent feels stuck or anxious, what do you do?
  • 3 Elements of Practical Psychology
  • Case Study - Twins
  • Values and Beliefs
  • The Dickens Method
  • Attachment Science VS Attachment Parenting
  • Case Study - 8 months
  • Boundaries
  • Self-Care VS Soul-Care
SLEEP TRIFECTA PART 3: Habit Stacking + Sleep Training Method (if needed)
  • What is Habit Stacking?
  • Understanding Habits
  • Self-Soothing VS Self-Settling
  • Common Sleep Associations and Gentle Solutions
  • 4 Super Gentle Sleep Training Methods (Full Parental Involvement)
  • 2 Most Popular Sleep Training Methods (Partial Parental Involvement)
Resources and Success Sheets
  • You are the master of your craft either working in the home with a family or through Virtual sleep consulting and you want to master the art of virtual intuitive sleep coaching. 
  •  These Success Sheets will teach you just that.
    Where your clients will leave feeling like you just gave them a hug through the phone. And in return, you are financially rewarded in a career you love and making a difference in people's lives.
  1. Opportunity to be privately mentored by Carolina Romanyuk, The Sleep Boss
  2. Access to Carolina's private vault of Daily Motivational messages. We all get burnt out or have imposter syndrome creep up at points. This Vault of personally recorded voice memos for you are a collection of what Carolina has gathered over the years.
    From the top in business, health, mindset, and women empowerment. As well as lessons from her own coaches and healers. She is giving this knowledge (that she invested thousands of dollars to learn) to you.
  3. Recording of Live Sales Call: Breakdown of Sales Call
  4. Recording of Live Sales Call: How to respond to a mom, during a sales call, that is exclusively breastfeeding and going back to work
Upon completion, you will receive a Sleep Trifecta Educator Badge to show proudly on your site.


Leslie Beemer

Carolina Romanyuk has been an amazing coach and mentor in helping me successfully establish my sleep business. She has taught me how to improve my communication with clients that has led to quick closes. Her years of experience working with sleep clients and methodologies that have evolved are priceless. With her guidance I can adapt everything she does with her clear and confident wording for my own business.
Her grace and approach in sharing her expertise on how to run a business helps me be the boss I want to be, as well. She sees exactly the areas I need improvement in and uses words that lift and move you forward. Her questions and approaches are bold and courageous but, with kindness. You will benefit from her new program the Sleep Trifecta System. It really works!!

Michael Varvara

Carolina is the sleeping boss!!! Prior to consulting, my daughter slept in our bed and needed to be held in our bed between 4 and 6 am to sleep. Carolina got her into the crib has taught me how to get her to self soothe and like her crib. I was also pregnant with a baby boy at the time.
Carolina taught my husband and I skills we implemented with our newborn son who is a great sleeper because we followed tips from Carolina. All we do is put him into the crib for naps and nighttime without rocking or a binky and he self soothes. Although my older daughter still has trouble during periods, Carolina always me and gives advice. You will love her!!!!! Thanks Carolina your the sleep boss.

Casey Suyunova

Initially I was like no way is this going to work with my daughter, but I was at a point where I needed to try or I was going to lose my mind. My issue was that my baby wouldn't fall asleep without me getting into MY bed with her and putting her to sleep for 1-2 hours every single night! Her naps were short and random, we had no schedule, I never knew when her bed time would be that day. I have two other kid EDIT he so it was getting very frustrating for everyone not being on somewhat of a After ONE CALL with Carolina, my baby was sleeping 10-12 hours through the night in her own crib in her own room. She helped me put her on a schedule right away. I was so hesitant but I'm so happy that it worked, sleep is priceless!! My only regret is waiting until my baby w 11 months old. I wish I did it sooner Thank you Carolina, you're like the sleep angel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sleep Trifecta Enrollment Program

Just like your clients, that need options, I’ve got you covered on the enrollment. We have 2 options to choose from:

What to expect

  •  Start immediately, at your convenience, and confidently contribute to resolving sensitive cases with clarity.
  • Master working with tired and anxious parents during sleep training through a concise 4-module online course. This self-paced series, spanning 14 hours, equips you with essential skills and knowledge.
  • Learn Carolina's signature 21-day process in how she walks a client through the sleep training journey.

What you get

  • Private portal
  • Workbook available for download to accompany the lessons.
  •  Printable success sheets for use with your clients.
  • Confidence-boosting scripts for easily responding to sensitive questions.
  • STS Educator Badge Upon graduation
I'M SIGNING UP (Self- paced)

What to expect

  • Lessons released weekly with live group discussions for an immersive learning experience.
  • Access to recording of our Q&A Wednesday.
  • Master working with tired and anxious parents during sleep training through a concise 4-module online course. This self-paced series, spanning 14 hours, equips you with essential skills and knowledge.
  • Learn Carolina's signature 21-day process in how she walks a client through the sleep training journey.

What you get

  • Exclusive $500 savings for the founding members.
  • FULL MENTOR SUPPORT: 16 hours of LIVE coaching with Carolina throughout the 4 months.
  • Build lifelong friendships in a supportive private community, where you can confidently learn alongside a positive group of colleagues.
  • Private portal
  • Workbook available for download to accompany the lessons.
  • Printable success sheets for use with your clients.
  • Confidence-boosting scripts for easily responding to sensitive questions.
  • STS Educator Badge Upon graduation
  • Payment plan option





Carolina would love to hear from you! For general questions about Sleep Trifecta System Trifecta training programs or services, please fill out the form below, send us an e-mail to [email protected] 



Carolina frequently appears and collaborates on podcasts, media interviews, speaking engagements, product developments, and more!
 For professional inquiries, please contact:
[email protected]
We would love to hear from you!

Listen to "Tired By Twilight" Podcast"

presented by the Sleep Trifecta System and get to know more about Carolina and her creative teaching approach
Step into the enchanting realm of the "Tired By Twilight" Podcast, where the magic of restful nights intertwines with the joys and challenges of parenting. Hosted by Carolina Romanyuk, a renowned sleep expert, this immersive experience combines the allure of an audiobook, the thrill of a screenplay, and the soothing soundscape of serenity.
Through captivating real-life stories, we delve into the specific sleep struggles faced by today's children and parents, offering empathetic guidance and a sprinkle of parental humor. Unveiling the secrets of the Sleep Trifecta System, each episode equips you with practical tools and a helpful success sheet to transform your family's sleep.
Join us on this transformative journey of "dreaming together," planting the seed for the next generation to thrive in a world filled with wonder, love, and endless possibilities. Leave behind fatigue and worries as we create a sleep-filled haven for your little ones.
But our journey doesn't end here. Connect with our vibrant community, access personalized consultations, and explore additional resources at www.SleepTrifectaSystem.com. 

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